6. Mass/Creative and Functional Design

Play and/or invent: To create from the mind.

Mass: Has weight, takes up space.

Weight: How heavy something is

Gravity: Force that attracts a mass downward

Presence: Existence on a space

Absence: Nonexistant

Negative Space: Space in and around an object

5. Inspiration

5. Structure/Abstraction

Armature:   Underlying support and structure

Texture: The physical look or feel of an element

Structure: A form of a piece that gives it is base.

Alter Ego: A second personality that either amplifies ones traits or mirrors them.

Abstract: An idea or look that doesn’t have any reference

Non-Representational: Not based on physical appearance

Anthropomorphic: Half human, half “________”

Abstraction: Skewing the original idea or art, visually.

Geometric: Use of mathematics to create a form

Mask: A face covering

Emphasis: Making a specific element standout

4. Form, Closed Form


Peter Eisenman- Chair #1

Sol Lewitt- Open Cube

Anish Kapoor- The Cloud Gate

Pablo Picasso- Head

Bill Duffy- Sphere

Closed For

Carlo Borer- Nr. 333

Chris Gilmour- Viloin

Robert Carr- Paper Sculpture

Lynn Chadwick- Conjunction

Christo- Dolly

4. Freestanding/In the Round

Freestanding/In the round

Christopher Gowell- Exotica


Tom Otterness- Immigrant Family

Louis Bourgois- Maman

Tom Otterness- Millipede

4. Plane and Edge


Leonardo Drew- Untitled

Konstantin Grici- Cubist Sidetable

Robert Morris- Untitled

Magdalena Abakanowicz- Black Environment

Lucio Fontana- Concetto Spaziale Attesa


Lynn Wartski- Life on the Edge 

Unknown- Crucifix Sculpture

Richard Serra- Joe

Robert Morris- Untitled

Robert Morris- Labyrinth 

4. Plane and Edge

Plane: A flat two dimensional surface.

Edge: The boundary of a plane.

Freestanding/In the Round: Created to be viewed from all sides.

Form: Shape or Visual appearance of an object.

Closed Form: Having a resolved balance of tensions, a sense of calm completeness implying a totality within itself.

3. Volume, Activated space


Anish Kapoor- Bean sculpture

Jacqueline Rush Lee- Endoskeleton

Michel De Broin- Mirror Sculpture

 Jeff Koons- Balloon Flower

Rachel Whiteread- Embankment

Activated Space 

Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen- Light Brix Modular Hexagons of Light

Peter Murphy- Timelapse

Charlie Roberts- The Safe Place

Robert Morris- Untitled 

Nancy Rubins- Big Edge

3. Primary contour, Secondary contour

Christo- Wrapped Vespa


Christo- Wrapped Table and Chair

Christo and Jeanne Claude- Surrounded Islands

Alexander Calder- Order in Caos

Steve Lohman- Bike Lady


Auguste Rodin- The Thinker

Jane Cloutier- Paper Sculpture

Christo and Jeanne-Claude- The Gates

Agile and Swift - Bart Walter

Erwin Wurm- Fat Car